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Triggered Insaan Age, Height, Family and Education.

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About Nischay Malhan-

A popular Indian YouTube channel known for its humorous sketches, roasting videos, and interesting content is called Triggered Insaan. The channel’s creator is Nischay Malhan, also referred to as Triggered Insaan. On December 14, 1995, he was born in Delhi, India. Triggered Insaan, who started his YouTube career in 2016, quickly rose to renown for his sharp wit and amusing videos that include roasting, parody, and insightful social commentary on many topics.

Due to its relatability and funny approach to commonplace events, Triggered Insaan’s work is lauded for its capacity to resonant with viewers, creating a devoted and devoted audience on YouTube.

Net Worth:

Triggered Insaan’s net worth was pegged at around $2 million in terms of his success financially. Along with brand alliances, sponsorships, and other endeavors, his success on YouTube has made a substantial contribution to his financial success.

Life Partner:

Regarding Triggered Insaan’s private life, neither his life partner nor the nature of his relationships were made public knowledge. As with any famous person, it’s important to respect their privacy and refrain from learning more about them than what they choose to disclose to the public.

Personal Information

Name – Nischay Malhan
Net worth – $2 million
Social media accounts-
Instagram – Triggeredinsaan (6M Followers)
Facebook – Triggered Insaan (1.5M Followers)
Youtube – @triggeredinsaan (19.1M subscribers)
Height approx. – 5’9″
Date of Birth – 14 November 1995
Birth Place – Delhi
Profession – Youtuber
Education – Engineering In Computer Science
Brother name – Abhishek Malhan
Sister Name – Prerna Malhan
Father Name – Vinay Malhan
Mother Name – Dimple Malhan
Cars collection – Jaguar


Triggered Insaan: who is he?

The prominent Indian YouTuber Triggered Insaan, whose real name is Nischay Malhan, is well-known for his comedic routines, roasting videos, and engaging material.

When did Triggered Insaan launch his YouTube channel?

The YouTube account for Triggered Insaan was launched in 2016.

What kind of YouTube content does Triggered Insaan produce?

On his YouTube account, Triggered Insaan publishes a variety of content, such as comic sketches, roast films, and social commentary on various subjects.

What distinguishes YouTuber Triggered Insaan from the competition?

Triggered Insaan is notable for his sharp wit, lighthearted approach to commonplace events, and capacity to connect with his audience with relatable content.

How many YouTube subscribers has Triggered Insaan attracted?

Several million people subscribed to Triggered Insaan’s YouTube channel, which has a sizable following.

What is the wealth of Triggered Insaan?

Triggered Insaan was thought to have a net worth of around $2 million.

Do Triggered Insaan and other YouTubers or content producers work together?

Yes, Triggered Insaan has worked together on multiple occasions for unique videos and projects with other YouTubers and content producers.

Do Triggered Insaan’s followers interact with him on social media?

Yes, Triggered Insaan uses social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to communicate with his fans and post updates and behind-the-scenes photos.

Which of Triggered Insaan’s videos had the most viewers?

His comic sketches, roasting films, and parodies on hot topics are among of Triggered Insaan’s most watched videos.

What future goals does Triggered Insaan have for his channel?

It is essential to consult Insaan’s official social media platforms and announcements for updates on his channel’s future plans.

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