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Watch Baby Hamburger Microwave Viral Video

by Henry

Have you seen the popular viral video, “Baby Hamburger Microwave,” that is currently trending online? If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a ridiculous mother who killed her six-month-old baby by putting him in a microwave.

Well, Seattle, Washington, is where this incident happened. A six-month-old baby was thrown directly into the microwave by his psychotic mother, which resulted in the senseless death of an innocent person.

Emma, a 28-year-old woman, was overjoyed when she learned she was carrying a child. She told her beloved husband, who had been longing to find a new partner since they wed, about her exciting news with the utmost excitement.

Video Shock: Baby Hamburger in the Microwave

The entire pregnancy experience had been beautiful, the baby shower was flawless, the gender reveal had come as a huge surprise, and the birth of the baby boy had been flawless. The couple, as well as their families and friends, experienced immense joy with every minute detail of the pregnancy. However, everything was upended when the baby was born.

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Like every new mother, Emma had a ton of goals and plans for her kid from the moment she found out she was pregnant, but nothing seemed to work out once the baby was delivered since Emma was unable to handle anything that was going on in her environment. It seemed like a nightmare all the time. She was constantly annoyed by the baby’s cries, and breastfeeding was painful and distressing. Nothing was going well, everything was going horribly.


Baby Hamburger Video in the Microwave

On yet another dreadful day for Emma, the innocent six-month-old baby went out of her hands as she placed it in the microwave. After that instant, she was overcome with sorrow, guilt, and shame as she discovered his demise. While the baby was still within, she had no choice but to call her husband Joe. As soon as Joe arrived home, he found his wife laying on the floor in tears, and he immediately realized something was wrong with both her and the baby.

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He began looking for the infant but was unable to do so in any of the rooms. He also tried asking Emma but received no response. He persisted in asking her, but Emma was unable to respond because of a lump in her throat. Eventually, she pointed her finger in the direction of the oven. Joe hurried to the kitchen, opened the oven, and immediately closed it. Joe was inconsolable at the time and could only cry because the infant boy had passed away.

Emma received a lot of criticism from the family, friends, neighbors, and general public for taking the life of a little child who was innocent and unaware of what was going on around him and how cruel the world is. They were all unaware that she was profoundly depressed after giving birth and was also mad. Emma, however, is detained for additional research.

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