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Warren Jeffs net worth age, height, and wiki/bio are included below.

by Kiara
Warren Jeffs net worth

Former leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) and American criminal Warren Jeffs. He is well-known for his radical and divisive opinions as well as for having been convicted of a crime and serving time in prison. He is well recognized for having a significant fortune. We shall examine Warren Jeffs’ age, height, wiki, biography, and net worth in this post.

Warren Jeffs net worth

The estimated Warren Jeffs net worth is $100 million. His diverse interests and businesses have allowed him to amass his wealth. A sizable bequest from his father, Rulon Jeffs, was also given to him. Warren Jeffs is well recognized for using his fortune to support both his lifestyle and his religious endeavors.

Wiki, age, height, and a biography

On December 3, 1955, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Warren Jeffs was born. He is the offspring of the late FLDS Church leader Rulon Jeffs. Warren Jeffs attended the FLDS Church-run private school Alta Academy while growing up in a polygamous household. He’s 65 years old and six feet tall right now.

In 2002, Warren Jeffs was chosen to serve as the FLDS Church’s head. He was detained in 2006 on charges of incest and sexual abuse among others. In 2011, he was found guilty and given a life sentence. Due to his failing health, he was released from prison in 2018.

Warren Jeffs is an American who was convicted of a crime and a former FLDS Church leader. His contentious opinions, as well as his criminal conviction and incarceration, are well-known. He is 65 years old, and his estimated net worth is $100 million.

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