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Total gaming (AjjuBhai) Biography, Income and relationship status

by Kiara

India’s most watched YouTube gaming channel, Total Gaming, focuses on Free Fire, a well-liked mobile battle royale game. The channel is run by Ajay, also known as “Ajjubhai” or “Total Gaming,” a content developer and gamer.

Bio: Ajay is an Indian YouTuber who became very well-known for his gaming videos, particularly those centered around Free Fire. He has a huge following on YouTube thanks to his fun gaming, insightful analysis, and other amusing stuff.

Net Worth:

Total gaming net worth is $2 million, which is equivalent to 15 crore Indian rupees. Please be aware, though, that online celebrities’ net worth can alter a lot due to a variety of reasons, including brand collaborations, sponsorships, item sales, and shifts in the digital landscape. It’s important to consult recent sources or financial papers for the most up-to-date net worth.

Name – Ajju Bhai
Parents name: Not revealed
Net Worth: $2 million
Social media accounts:
1. Instagram: totalgaming_official (3.4 millions)
2. Twitter: Total Gaming (154k followers)
3. Facebook: @TotalGaming093 (4.9 millions)
4. YouTube: TotalGaming093 (35.5 millions)
Born details: 1994, Ahmedabad
Height & Weight: 5ft 101n (170 cm)

Occupations      : Software Developer, Brand Promotion, Brand collaboration 

Life Partner:

As of my most recent update, Ajay’s life partner was not known to the general world. It’s crucial to respect the privacy of content producers and to refrain from prying into their private lives outside of what they choose to disclose to the public.



Total Gaming is a who?

Indian YouTuber and gamer Total Gaming is well-known for his popular gaming content, which mainly focuses on the mobile title Free Fire.

What is the full name of Total Gaming?

Real name of Total Gaming is Ajay, also referred to as “Ajjubhai.”

From whence comes Total Gaming?

Gujarat, India is the home of Total Gaming.

How did Total Gaming gain traction?

Total Gaming became well-known on YouTube by producing interesting and enjoyable gaming content, especially in regard to Free Fire. His funny comments, deft gameplay, and enormous audience all gained attention.

On his YouTube channel, Total Gaming plays what games?

On his YouTube channel, Total Gaming primarily plays Free Fire, although he also occasionally experiments with other well-known games.

Total Gaming launched his YouTube channel when?

On December 9, 2018, Total Gaming launched his YouTube channel.

How many people are Total Gaming’s YouTube subscribers?

On his YouTube channel, Total Gaming had 35.5 million subscribers.

What is the net worth of Total Gaming?

$2 million, or 15 crore INR in Indian rupees, is the total net worth of the gaming industry.

Which of Total Gaming’s videos have the most viewers?

His Clash Squad match between Ajjubhai and Amitbhai is among Total Gaming’s most watched videos.

Are there any additional social media accounts for Total Gaming?

Yes, Total Gaming is active on a number of social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram.

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