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The Ultimate List: Men & Women Traditional Dress of Bihar

by Kiara

Bihar is the state of art and religion and is referred to as the “Land of Buddha.” The places of pilgrimage and the many social groups residing in the state have an impact on its culture.

The Madhubani paintings, wall hangings, and ornaments, the stone pottery, the leather items, the appliqué work, and the traditional attire of the Bihari people are well-known.

The state accepts people from all different religious backgrounds, yet there is no division in the traditional clothing.

The majority of people in Bihar dress similarly, with males wearing kurtas and pajamas or dhotis and women donning sarees.

Here is all the information you require for both men’s and women’s traditional attire in Bihar.

Male Traditional Bihar Clothing

Dhoti Or Lungi and Dhoti Mirjai / Kurta

The traditional attire for males in Bihar is called Dhoti Mirjai, commonly known as kurta and dhoti.

In Bihar, older men typically dress in a kurta and dhoti or lungi. In addition to boys, it is also worn by middle-aged adults.

Men wear the fundamental styles, which are made of cotton, on a daily basis. But the fancy ones are reserved for celebrations and weddings.

The latter is embellished with fancy work, flattering borders, and heavy embroideries, while the former is quite comfy and simple to wear.

For a traditional appearance, loose pants known as dhotis or lungis are wrapped over the legs and knotted at the waist. On practically every body type, it looks good.

Compared to conventional pants or pajamas, a traditionally knotted dhoti takes more time and work to complete. However, you can now also buy dhotis that are already constructed.

They come in a variety of designs, color schemes, and patterns and are far more comfortable to wear.

You can browse for one at Myntra, Amazon, or Flipkart if you want to get one for yourself. Every pricing level is represented by a wide choice of designs.

Pajamas and a kurta

Kurtas and pajamas are also worn by men in the state of Bihar.

This particular traditional garment of Bihar is worn by the guys on a daily basis since it is one of the most comfortable outfits a man can wear.

A flowy shirt that reaches the knee is called a kurta. It is created from a variety of materials, including silk, cotton, and others.

As opposed to the fancy ones, which may feature extensive work in the form of chikan designs, the basic variants have minimally embroidered borders or motifs throughout the kurta.

Men typically choose fancy kurtas for weddings, celebrations, and religious events.

The basic cotton pants known as pajamas are worn with a kurta. This Bihari dress is one of the outfits that is most frequently worn in the majority of Indian states since it has the right authentic Indian emotions overall.


Sherwani is the men’s traditional festive attire of Bihar. Only festive occasions and weddings allow for its wear.

Pajamas or dhoti pants and an embroidered jacket that reaches the knees or occasionally the calves make up a sherwani.

There are a wide variety of styles, designs, patterns, and color combinations available for the top portion (the jacket). To give it a luxurious appearance, it is occasionally further embellished with difficult and detailed work.

Pajamas, dhoti pants, or choodidars (a form of form-fitting pajamas) are worn with the jacket. This Bihari traditional clothing has a really attractive overall appearance.

Traditional Bihar Women’s Clothing

Sarees: The women’s traditional attire of Bihar is the saree. It is, in fact, the most well-known clothing of Bihar for ladies and is available in a broad variety of hues, materials, and designs.

Despite the fact that there are numerous ways to wear a sari, Bihar is renowned for its “Seedha Anchal” Style.

In this look, the saree’s pallu is worn on the front. The upper torso is covered, and it crosses over the left shoulder.

While some women in Bihar use the pallu to cover their heads, others do so in the traditional manner.

The traditional jewelry worn by women to accessorize their saree looks includes Indian necklaces, earrings, maang tikkas, waist belts, and toe rings.

To finish their appearance, they add red sindoor, a colored powder worn by women in the midst of their hair.


Lehengas are under the genre of fancy attire; in Bihar, they are also called as ghagra cholis. Women wear them at festive, religious, or wedding ceremonies.

Lehengas are more of a general clothing type that are worn not only in Bihar but also in practically every state of India. They come in an incredible range of shapes, patterns, colors, and materials.

These were the customary attire for both men and women in Bihar. Which of these dresses was your favorite?

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