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Physics wallah (Alakh Pandey)of Bio, Net Worth and Family

by Kiara

About Physics Wallah:

Popular Indian educator and video producer Alakh Pandey is the owner of the Physics Wallah YouTube channel. Here are some details about him:

Physics Wallah, also known as Alakh Pandey, is a renowned YouTuber and instructor from India. He is renowned for his outstanding teaching abilities, especially when it comes to the study of physics. To help students studying for competitive exams like the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NEET (National Eligibility comp Entrance Test), Alakh Pandey founded the Physics Wallah YouTube channel. To make difficult subjects simple to understand, he employs a distinctive teaching method and condensed explanations.

Net Worth

Alakh Pandey has a net worth of 97.2 crores Indian rupees. His net worth is probably influenced by a variety of things, including ad revenue, educational initiatives, and brand collaborations because he is a well-known educator and YouTuber.

Life Partner:

Alakh Pandey’s life partner name is Mrs. Shivani Dubey. Shivani Dubey is an Indian journalist. In 2022, she got engaged to Alakh Pandey, the founder and CEO of Physics Wallah.

Personal Information

Name – Alakh Pandey
Net worth – 97.2 Crores INR
Social media accounts
Instagram – Physicswallah (1.8M Followers)
Facebook – Physics Wallah (119K Followers)
Youtube – @PhysicsWallah (10.8M Subscribers)
Height approx. – 168cm 5’6″
Date of Birth – 2 October 1991
Birth Place – South Malaka, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
Profession – Entrepreneur
Wife Name – Mrs. Shivani Dubey
Education – Mechanical engineering from Harcourt Butler Technical Institute (HBTI)
Hobbies – Teaching and Reading
Father Name – Mr. Satish Pandey
Mother Name – Mrs. Rajat Pandey
Cars collection – Ford EcoSport, Hyundai i20 


Physics Wallah: Who is he?

Alakh Pandey, an Indian educator and content creator renowned for his extraordinary teaching abilities in the field of physics, is the owner of the well-known YouTube channel Physics Wallah.

How much money does Alakh Pandey make?

Alakh Pandey had an INR net worth of 97.2 Crores.

What areas does Physics Wallah focus on?

For students preparing for competitive examinations like the JEE and NEET, Physics Wallah specializes in offering free educational materials, particularly in the field of physics.

When did the YouTube channel for Physics Wallah launch?

Alakh Pandey founded the Physics Wallah YouTube channel in January 2014 to offer students educational material. The channel became well-known for its distinctive teaching approach and clear explanations of difficult concepts.

What distinguishes Physics Wallah’s teaching methodology?

By using clear explanations and applicable examples, Physics Wallah is able to make difficult ideas in the subject of physics understandable to students.

How many people have subscribed to Physics Wallah on YouTube?

With 10.8 Million subscribers, Physics Wallah had a sizable fan base on YouTube.

Does Physics Wallah exclusively offer physics-related content?

While Alakh Pandey may cover relevant topics and offer advice on how to prepare for competitive exams, Physics Wallah is primarily focused on Physics.

How can the YouTube channel for Physics Wallah help students?

Through free educational resources and a deeper grasp of physics principles, students studying for exams like the JEE and NEET can learn from Physics Wallah’s YouTube channel.

Does Alakh Pandey take part in any more educational projects?

Alakh Pandey focuses mostly on Physics Wallah, a YouTube channel where he posts educational material. There might, however, be additional educational projects connected to him.

What are Alakh Pandey’s goals for Physics Wallah in the future?

It’s recommended to check Alakh Pandey’s official social media platforms and announcements for the most recent information about his future plans for Physics Wallah and prospective new content.

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