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Mr. Indian Hacker Love life, Biodata 7 lifestyle

by Kiara

Bio of Mr. Indian Hacker:

Mr. Indian Hacker, actual name Gaurav Sharma, is a well-liked Indian YouTuber known for his original material, DIY science experiments, and life hacks. Here are some details about him:

Mr. Indian Hacker, also known as Gaurav Sharma, is an Indian YouTuber and content producer. He developed a sizable following on YouTube thanks to his entertaining and educational films presenting unique DIY projects, life hacks, and science investigations. The humorous and instructive content of Mr. Indian Hacker is attractive to a broad audience.

Net Worth

Estimates of Mr. Indian Hacker’s net worth ranged from a few hundred thousand to several million dollars. Please be aware, however, that content creators’ net worth might change depending on a number of variables, including ad revenue, brand collaborations, sponsorships, and product sales. It’s important to consult recent sources or financial papers for the most up-to-date net worth.

Life Partner:

Mr. Indian Hacker’s life partner and relationship status were Married.

Personal Information:

Name: Dilraj Singh Rawat
Parents name: Soon
Net Worth: $2 million
Social media accounts:
Instagram: dilraj_singh_rawat (2.8M Followers)
Facebook: Mr. Indian Hacker (389k Followers)
Youtube: @MRINDIANHACKER  (32M Followers)
Born details: 8 January,1996
Height approx – 5’8″
Birth Place: Ajmer, Rajasthan
Education – Graduate (Samrat Prithviraj Government College, Ajmer)
Height & Weight:5 feet 9 inches & 65Kg
Hobbies : Travelling, Experiments
Religion – Hindu


Mr. Indian Hacker, who are you?

Gaurav Sharma, better known online as Mr. Indian Hacker, is a well-liked YouTuber from India who specializes in life hacks, DIY science projects, and entertaining videos.

Mr. Indian Hacker launched his YouTube channel when?

On January 3, 2018, Mr. Indian Hacker launched his YouTube account.

What kind of content is produced by Mr. Indian Hacker?

Mr. Indian Hacker produces entertaining and educational movies that highlight science experiments, life hacks, and different do-it-yourself projects.

How did Mr. Indian Hacker grow to be so well-known?

In order to appeal to a broad audience, Mr. Indian Hacker creates fun and instructional content that has become very famous on YouTube. His inventive science experiments and do-it-yourself projects drew viewers from all over the world.

How many YouTube subscribers has Mr. Indian Hacker?

Mr. Indian Hacker’s YouTube channel had millions of subscribers as of September 2021.

What is the wealth of Mr. Indian Hacker?

Mr. Indian Hacker’s net worth was estimated to be between a few hundred thousand and several million dollars as of 2021.

Which of Mr. Indian Hacker’s videos had the most viewers?

His remarkable science experiments, practical life hacks, and imaginative do-it-yourself projects are some of Mr. Indian Hacker’s most well-liked videos.

Exists Mr. Indian Hacker on any other social media sites?

Yes, Mr. Indian Hacker uses other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to communicate with his followers and provide updates.

What future goals does Mr. Indian Hacker have for his channel?

It’s best to check Mr. Indian Hacker’s official channels for the most recent information, even though he might have announced his future plans in videos or social media posts.

Do Mr. Indian Hacker and other YouTubers or video producers work together?

Yes, Mr. Indian Hacker has worked on unique videos and projects with a number of other YouTubers and content producers.

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