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Know Everything About Paul Newman’s Ex-Wife, Jackie Witte

by Henry
Jackie Witte

Jackie Witte was well-known in the industry for her work as a model and actor. She was also well-known for being the wife of Paul Newman and a well-known American actress, director, and businesswoman.

After getting married, Jackie ended her brief but brilliant acting career. All of her information will be shared in this article today. So stick with us to the very finish!

Jackie Witte: who was she?

Jackie Witte was born in the US in September 1929. She was acknowledged as Paul Leonard Newman’s first wife. Paul was an American actor, director, race car driver, and businessman throughout his professional life.

Jackie gained notoriety for her stunning blonde hair, tall stature, and dark eyes. Because Paul and Jackie had been together for more than 50 years, they were referred to as Hollywood’s “golden couple.” When Paul was married to Jackie, he was questioned in an interview about if he ever wanted to have an affair with another woman.

He reasoned that he already had a steak at home and didn’t need a hamburger. It suggests that the couple’s relationship was wonderful and that their marriage was fulfilling.

A few basics about her

Full name Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Witte
Professional name Jackie Witte
Date of Birth Sep-29
Birthplace United States
Age 64 years at the time of death
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Religion NA
Zodiac Sign Libra
Marital Status Divorced
Profession Actress and model
Net Worth $80K-$85K

Body Measures

Height in m NA
Height in cm NA
Height in inches NA
Weight in Kg NA
Weight in pounds NA
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Black


Father’s name Walter Witte
Mother’s name Pauline Witte
Siblings Betty Ann Witte
Children Scott Newman
Susan Kendall Newman
Stephanie Newman

Educational history

School name NA
University name NA
Qualifications NA

A social media presence

Instagram Not Known
Facebook Not Known
Twitter Not Known

Career of Jackie

On the Internet, not much is known about her professional life. We only know that she was a model and actor. Her career was short because she married while she was just a teenager.

She had to put her acting career on hold after getting married. It wasn’t exactly that way. Her first child forced her husband Newman to stop acting in plays. She lost her father-in-law at the same time.

But first, he made them go to Cleveland so they could operate the family business. Jackie had to make the trip to the city to work as a model because her acting career was on hold. She then started working as a model full-time.

Value of Jackie Witte

Her alleged net worth was between $80K and $85K. It claims that she succeeded quickly. All we know about her value is this. If we discover anything significant regarding this, we’ll keep you informed.

How was the friendship between Jackie and Newman?

Jackie first met Newman when she was 19 years old. At the time, she was a college student. They both came from the same tiny town, Newman was about 24 years old, and they were both working on a theater production with a summer theme in 1949.

After a while, they relocated to the Illinois Woodstock Theatre Company for employment. On December 27, 1949, Jackie and Newman exchanged vows. Newman’s first wife was Jackie. The couple’s first child, Scott Newman, was born after a year.

Sadly, Scott overdosed and passed away in November 1978. Their second child, Susan Newman, was born in 1953. Stephanie Kendall Newman, the couple’s third child, was born later in 1954.

What Motivated Jackie and Newman to Get Married So Soon?

On the internet, there are many theories about why people get married so rapidly. The majority of theories put Jackie’s pregnancy as the cause. But it wasn’t accurate because she gave birth to her first child after they got married.

However, a lot of people started to believe that Newman and Jackie were two young people who shared the same objectives and were deeply in love.

Paul Newman and Jackie Witte’s divorce

When Newman was cast as the lead in the film Picnic alongside stunning co-star Joanne Woodward, 22, their marriage took a turn for the worst. Newman and Joanne spent days and nights mingling and partying in Manhattan while the film was being made.

Witte was puzzled as to why he wasn’t paying attention to her and didn’t listen to her, and she was certain that there was a problem. The majority of his time was spent with his co-star.

Jackie became upset when Newman finally admitted to his wife that he had fallen in love with Joanne because she didn’t want her husband to let go so easy. She reasoned that she needed to take something to preserve her marriage.

Because of the exposure of his relationship with Joanne, Newman eventually gained the guts to ask his wife for a divorce. The public ridiculed Jackie for refusing to sign the divorce papers and continued to do so.

When Jackie learned of Joanne’s pregnancy and realized she could no longer put off the divorce, she made the decision to file for divorce. Their separation became final on January 28, 1958. One of the most mysterious people in Newman’s life is still Jackie.

Despite Jackie’s treachery, Newman had made a name for himself as Joanne’s most devoted celebrity spouse. He was repeatedly questioned by Newman on the infidelity, to which he said that he was too young to form a good marriage.

When and how did Jackie Witte pass away?

Witte reportedly died in 1993 at the age of 64. She treasured her life with her husband, Paul Newman, and had a brilliant career up until her passing. Her death’s true cause and location are concealed from the public’s view.

Questions and Answers

1. When were Jackie and Newman’s nuptials?

They divorced on January 28, 1958, and it became official.

2. Jackie got married a second time?

She completely disappeared from the public spotlight following her divorce from Newman, and there is no evidence of a subsequent union.

3. How old is Paul Newman?

Sadly, Newman passed away on September 26, 2008, at the age of 83. Lung cancer was the reason of his death, according to the reports. Even after he had passed away for a number of years, he was still regarded as one of the greatest actors of the 20th century.

4.Who is Second Wife of Paul Newman?

Newman’s second wife was Joanne Woodward. They both got married in 1958.

5. What caused Paulo Newman’s passing?

Lung cancer caused Paul Newman’s death


Hopefully, we were able to give you all the information about Jackie Witte that was available online. Jackie’s acting and modeling career may have been brief, but it made a big impact on many people.

Whatever she accomplished in life was on her toes because she was the wife of one of the greatest American actors, Paul Newman. We can assert that if she were still alive now, her career might be at higher heights.

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