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Is Evelyn Hugo a real person?

by Kiara

Fans of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo will be happy to hear that Netflix has revealed plans to adapt the wildly popular book. The streaming behemoth announced on Instagram that “Bestseller THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO is coming to Netflix.”

Evelyn Hugo’s autobiography was collected in the book by unidentified reporter Monique Grant. Hugo had been married seven times, as the title suggests, and each of his marriages was more contentious and scandalous than the one before it. The book also discusses trauma, motherhood, mental health, race, and sexuality.

It’s a somber yet humorous analysis of Evelyn Hugo’s admirable and unabashed life. One is left to wonder if Evelyn Hugo is a real person as a result.

A fictitious character named Evelyn Hugo is based on a number of real people.

Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor Jenkins Reid based Evelyn Hugo on the biographies of well-known Hollywood figures. Reid characterized it as the most enjoyable study she had ever done in an interview with Pop Sugar.

Reid named two celebrities, Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor, who had a significant influence on Evelyn Hugo’s persona. Eight marriages later, Elizabeth Taylor married the same man twice. Evelyn ends up having a few more traits in common with Elizabeth Taylor, according to Taylor.

Elizabeth, like Hugo, wed her first husband when she was only a teenager, had relationships with her co-stars, and won an Oscar for her most unremarkable performance. The Vatican condemned Elizabeth’s love life because it was so erratic and contentious.

Margarita Carmen Cansino was Rita Hayworth’s birth name. Her chances of success in Hollywood were significantly hampered by the fact that her complexion belied her Latino origin. Hayworth changed her look, dyed her hair a vibrant red color, and adopted her Irish mother’s name without giving up.

She took up her Latino identity in order to meet Hollywood’s beauty standards and was successful. Evelyn Hugo was born Evelyn Herrera, but she gave up her Cuban ancestry to become the studio-desired blonde bombshell. Reid clarified:

Does she wish to project a Latina woman’s image? Or does she aspire to hold a prominent position? These options were available in Hollywood at the time. A highly specific definition of beauty and identity was required in order to be a mainstream leading lady.

Marilyn Monroe was not specifically mentioned by Taylor, yet it is improbable that she didn’t find inspiration from the actress. She became well-known because of her attractiveness, but it also constrained her because she was frequently stereotyped as a seductress in movies.

Evelyn struggled with the same issue, trying to persuade Hollywood’s decision-makers that she was as untalented as she was attractive.

Taylor Reid’s retelling of the tale was influenced by Ava Gardner’s private confessions.

Similar to Evelyn, Ava Gardner told a ghostwriter about the racy details of her life in the 1980s. The interviews were recorded by the ghostwriter, but Ava Gardner terminated the project before the biography could be published.

Reid remarked, “She was talking openly about so many topics. She was discussing her marriages to Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw, and Lana Turner. She was merely spilling all the beans.

Ava reportedly received a financial offer from Frank Sinatra to stop the book’s release. Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversation was published after the ghostwriter and Ava had passed away. Reid stated:

“I began to consider the concept of a made-up Hollywood star’s book. Then I became extremely interested in the concept of using the method of her presenting her narrative to another person and how those two stories interestingly connect.

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