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Everything we know about parents of Madison Beer’s

by Kiara

American singer Madison Beer gained notoriety after Justin Bieber tweeted a link to a YouTube video of her doing an Etta James song. When she signed with Island Records, she was just 13 years old. Island Records and Madison split after two failed singles.

Before releasing her first EP, As She Pleases, in February 2018, Beer struggled to restore her reputation and position in the industry. Her debut album, Life Support, is scheduled to be released this year; she is currently contracted to Epic Records.

In this article, Madison’s parents and the impact they have had on her life and profession will be discussed.

Robert and Tracie, Madison’s Jewish parents, are real estate agents.

Parents of Madison Beer

Madison Elle Beer was born on March 5, 1999, to Tracie and Robert Beer in Jericho, New York. Both Robert and Tracie are employed by the real estate industry. Tracie is an interior designer, and Robert constructs luxury homes. Before starting his own business, BuiltByBeer, Robert first worked in construction for his family’s business, Birchwood Development Company. Madison and her brother Ryder Beer were both raised by Tracie and Robert.

Since Madison began her singing career, Tracie and Madison have lived in Los Angeles. Elle stated to The Sun:

When I was thirteen, I had to leave my New York apartment. I left everything behind, including my dogs, family, friends, and summer camp. Along with my mother and brother, I moved to LA.

Madison and Tracie became closer as a result of the difficulties Madison faced. According to Madison’s website:

“I am incredibly appreciative of my mother and everything she does for me. She is amazing, selfless, and has the largest heart ever. I’m fortunate that she thinks so highly of me and watches out for my best interests at all times.

Madison experienced loneliness after her mother abandoned her in LA and returned to New York.

Mom and brother of Madison BeerRyder Beer, Madison, and Tracie

Madison’s mother moved back to New York after leaving her in LA when she became 18 years old. Initially, Madison delighted in her independence; nevertheless, her joy soon gave way to loneliness. She stated to Elite Daily:

My mother has always instilled in me a strong sense of independence and the desire to live independently. Woo! I used to say when I was younger. I’m independent in the city and have a car. Great!’ I’m more bothered by being alone now that I’m older.

Madison wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps by raising a family. Family is very important to her, she told The Sun:

“I want kids more than I want to go back to school. I desperately want to be a mother. To me, family is really essential. Even though I adore children, not yet.

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