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Bob Braids 22 Inspiring Hairstyles

by Kiara

The protective hairstyle every female needs is box braids. A bob hairdo with braids is quite lovely. Additionally, this trendy appearance will make you stick out in a crowd. Yes, there are many ways to wear lovely braids, but bob braids are a very popular look. Another fantastic option for short hair that keeps out of the way while yet looking stylish is the bob braided style.

Why Do You Want Bob Braids?

It’s simple to decide to wear a braided hairstyle, but you could be asking why it’s a bob braid. A bob’s shorter length, however, results in less pulling and discomfort of the scalp. Bob-length braids are fun, fashionable, and a non-dramatic way to wear a brilliant hue. Finally, the face-framing effects of bobs are incredible. Now that we’ve persuaded you, let’s look at some of the most cutting-edge and motivational looks that are now available.

#1: Box braids

Braided box

Without a doubt, the most common braided hairstyle in existence today is the box braid. These square-shaped braids are the best for making your ideal bob haircut, together with triangular braids.

A center part is attractive, but most females find that slight side parts are more comfortable to wear. They also contribute in enhancing movement inside the braids.

#2: Golden Tassels

Tassels of gold

For a some now, women have been sporting braided accessories. However, tassels are a more recent fad.

Gold tassels in this shade of gold give box braids a polished, put-together appearance. The next time you visit the salon for braids, request that your hairdresser add this item.

#3: Cornrow side part

Side part of a cornrow

The ideal way to play with your part utilizing cornrows is with box braids. It demonstrates that even short hair can be fascinating!

The next time you’re at the salon, request a side part from your hairdresser. Remember to use your creativity!

#4: Box braids in brunette

Black box braids

Even though this bob hairstyle with box braids is straightforward, the deep chocolate shade will make you stand out. Try this lovely shade or a modern gray if you’re thinking about using another color all over.

For a dimensional highlight, you can always add a few chocolate strands to your natural black.

#5: Bob Half-Up

Bob Half-Up

Half-up hairstyles are the ideal fusion of sensual and charming. Box braids can be pulled up so that they are out of the way but yet have the feminine sensation of hair flowing down the back of the head and neck.

Additionally, pulling up braids increases their lifespan and broadens your styling possibilities.

Sixth: Bohemian Bob

Hedonistic Bob

A bob makes the fashionable box braids style known as “bohemian” even more distinctive. Consider a delicate side part to achieve this look for a more carefree, whimsical vibe.

You can be as imaginative as you desire with the specifics. Leave a few hair strands out of the braids, embellish with some creative beads, and wrap a few braids in golden twine.

No. 7: Asymmetrical Braids

Tila: Asymmetrical Braids

Do you want your bob braids to have a refined, enhanced appearance? An asymmetrical bob exudes flair and exudes confidence on the wearer.

A round face will look balanced if one side of the hair is left longer than the other. The hair’s tips aid in framing the face.

#8: Side rows of corn

Susy Side Corn Rows

Center parts and side parts are both lovely, but we adore a side part detail in particular. Your box braids’ attractiveness is emphasized by these lovely cornrows.

Consider a slight cornrow side part if you want to make your bob braids pop. It doesn’t hurt to add a few beads for accents either.

Nine: Red Auburn

Auburn RedNefertiti Reine

How stunning is this rich auburn hue? Colorful bob braids look stunning on the imaginative and daring babe. You’ll project an intriguing and enjoyable natural highlights vibe by weaving them into your darker color.

Even while your braids can be worn straight, we adore how this style has curled ends.

#10: Strawberry Swirl

Swirl of Strawberry

The options that come with box braided bobs make them fantastic. This strawberry pink shade is not only lovely, but it also really stands out against the roots’ natural jet-black hue.

Ask your hairdresser to start braids in a cornrow technique at various points on the head to produce this lovely swirl. It’s advisable to base your work on a special side section.

#11: Middle Part and Long Bob

Middle Part + Long Bob

The length of bob braids is flexible. You can choose between a short one like this one that terminates at the base of the neck and is finely cut to fall just below the ears.

If you have a round face like this gorgeous lady does, a center part can be challenging, but the length is on your side. While a shorter bob would cup the cheeks, emphasizing any fullness, it draws the attention downward.

#12: Chunky Braids + Beads,

Beaded Chunky Braids

Another thing to take into account is the size of your box braids. In contrast to thicker braids, which typically place additional weight and tension on the scalp, this short form relieves all tension.

Get your bob braids a little thicker the next time you visit the salon for a fuller, more assertive appearance. We adore how this outfit includes layers for more texture in addition to accessories.

#13: Vibrant Red

feisty RedSusy

Try this magnificent red style if you want a bright hue but your skin has pink or yellow undertones.

We adore how this bob’s style complements its striking hue. Make a stunning and distinctive side part with cornrow accents by adding beads to the tips of the hair.

#14: Tassels and orange

Tangles and orange

You certainly wouldn’t think of orange as a hue for a strong colored bob braid style, but you have to admit it looks inviting! With darker skin tones, it looks extremely stunning.

Knot braids at the ends, leaving a small amount of fringe, to add a little flair. This look adds fullness throughout the haircut while also being stylish.


#15: Blonde with a center part

BlondeYaya in the middle

In case you weren’t sure, your bob braid is evidence that blondes actually enjoy themselves better. The golden color of these box braids makes them the ideal choice for drawing attention.

As you can see, this center portion complements a square jawline thanks to the bob’s rounded ends. They cup the chin, smoothing down any angular features. You’re ready to go after applying a complementary shimmering blue eye shadow.

#16: Midnight Blue

In the Dark Blue

This dark blue shade is another shockingly beautiful option for your bob braids. These braids initially appear to be black, but closer scrutiny reveals their true deep blue color.

Choose a solid shade of blue or experiment with blending it with another hue or your own natural root tone.

#17: Braids that frame the face half-way up.

Face-Framing Braids that Are Half Up

Your bob is shorter than typical hair, but that doesn’t mean you can just wear it down. We adore half-up hairstyles because they are adorable, simple to wear, and currently popular.

Next time you feel like wearing your braids half-up, gather them at the top of your head and pin them in a bun. To frame your face, leave two strands in place. This is excellent for highlighting your stunning eyes.

18: Gold Advice

Susy’s Gold Tips

Do you want to unleash your inner goddess? You can get all the inspiration you need to create your own embellished appearance from this lovely braided bob with a gold tip.

This bob is chin-length, but if a lob shape better suits you, you can take it all the way down to the base of the neck.

Burgundy Bob (#19)

Bob Burgundy

A reddish burgundy color is a very elegant choice for bob braids. Though not particularly vivid, the color is not commonplace.

Although a center part would look fantastic, we can’t help but adore the side part with curled under ends.

#20: Cornrow + Golden Detail

Detail of Golden + Cornrow

Using multiple colors in your bob braids is currently extremely fashionable. It looks distinctive and demonstrates your creative side.

The ideal way to incorporate the two-toned trend is to use a striking color like this rich golden caramel. This outfit stands out from the crowd thanks to the side cornrow embellishments.

#21: Auburn and Black Together

Black and Auburn TogetherBrown, Kamara

Each box braid might have a distinct color combination, or you can add braids in solid colors to your bob. If you choose muted, earthy colors for the look, it will work particularly well.

However, colorful looks can be completely cool on the right babe.

No. 22: Beaded Ends

Bowed ends

Remember that you can wear your bob braids slicked back. All you need to pull hair back in an innovative way are some lovely cornrows.

Your braids’ ends can be left plain or embellished with a variety of beads that inspire and add interest to your hair. This trio of clear, white, and black is one of our favorites.

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