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Biography, Lifestyle & Networth of Round2hell

by Kiara

About Round2hell:

Popular Indian YouTube channel Round2hell is well-known for its comedic parodies, sketches, and lighthearted material. Three content producers known as Nazim Ahmed, Wasim Ahmed, and Zayan Sibt-e-Hassan collectively administer the channel under the names Nazim, Wasim, and Zayn.

Nazim, Wasim, and Zayn are three pals that perform humor as Round2hell. They are renowned for their amusing and humorous videos, which frequently include hilarious parodies, sketches, and situational humor. The group’s distinctive aesthetic and interesting material have helped them become very successful on YouTube.

Net Worth:

Each member of Round2hell has a personal net worth of about $8 million, while the group as a whole is worth roughly Rs. 58 crores in Indian rupees. Generally speaking, the estimated net worth of YouTube content producers might differ significantly depending on elements like ad revenue, business collaborations, clothing sales, and other endeavors.

Life Partners:

The members of Round2hell’s personal lives and life partners were not made publicly known.

Personal Data:

Name- Nazim Ahmed, Wasim Ahmed, and Zayan Sibt-e-Hassan.
Net Worth-$8 Million
Social media accounts-
Instagram: round2hell (3M Followers)

Facebook: Round2hell (2.5M Followers)
Youtube: @Round2hell (30.8M Subscribers)
Birth Place-
Zayn: Pakwara
Nazim: Moradabad
Wasim: Uttar Pradesh
Birth Date-
Zayan Sibt-e-Hassan: 12 February, 1996
Wasim Ahmed: 12 July, 1996
Nazim Ahmed:1 September, 1996


Who are the Round2hell members?

Three buddies by the names of Nazim Ahmed, Wasim Ahmed, and Zayan Sibt-e-Hassan, also known as Nazim, Wasim, and Zayn, make form the comedy trio known as Round2hell.

What kind of content is produced by Round2hell?

On their YouTube account, Round2hell produces comedic videos, parodies, and comedy sketches.

Round2hell launched their YouTube channel when?

The launch of Round2hell’s YouTube channel took place on December 21, 2016.

How did Round2hell gain a following?

Due to their distinctive brand of humor, interesting material, and universally relevant sketches, Round2hell became well-known on YouTube.

How many YouTube subscribers does Round2hell have?

On their YouTube channel, Round2hell had millions of subscribers as of September 2021.

What is Round2hell’s current market value?

Individual members of Round2hell had net worths of about $8 million, while the group as a whole had a value of about Rs. 58 crores in Indian rupees.

Which of Round2hell’s videos have the most viewers?

The funny sketches, parodies, and comedy series produced by Round2hell are some of their most watched videos and have received millions of views.

Working together with other YouTubers or content producers, does Round2hell?

Yes, Round2hell has worked on unique videos and projects with a variety of other YouTubers and content producers.

Exists a presence for Round2hell on other social media networks?

Yes, Round2hell uses other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to communicate with their fans and provide information.

What future ambitions does Round2hell have for their channel?

Although Round2hell may have made note of their future intentions in videos or social media posts, it is better to consult their official channels for the most up-to-date information.

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