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All about Nico Greetham’s relationships and sexuality

by Kiara

The role of Calvin Maxwell/Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel made actor and dancer Nico Greetham renowned. Additionally, he co-starred with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman in The Prom and appeared in two episodes of American Horror Story. The 27-year-old’s resume is extremely outstanding for someone in such high demand.

Nico was overjoyed to be a part of season 3 of Hulu’s Love, Victor in mid-June 2022. On Instagram, he wrote:

“Working with kind people on meaningful projects that have an impact on both us and the audience is an artist’s dream; Love, Victor is the pinnacle of that.”

Nico Greetham has had relationships with women and appears to be straight.

We believe that Nico Greetham is heterosexual. He has only been in relationships with women thus far and has kept his membership in the LGBTQ+ community a secret.

Although having connections with women in public is not proof of Nico’s sexual orientation, it is all we have. We come to the conclusion that Nico Greetham is straight because there is no proof to the contrary.

Greetham dated actors Logan Riley and Zoe Robins.

Greetham and Zoe Robins, who played his co-star on the Power Rangers, began dating in 2017. Their relationship was widely publicized on social media. 2017’s National Girlfriends Day saw Nico publish a picture of Robins with the hashtag #nationalgirlfriendday.

Greetham deleted all references to Zoe from his social media profiles, confirming the breakup.

Logan Riley, Nico’s co-star from The Prom, and they began dating in late 2020. In the movie, Kaylee (Riley) is asked to attend to prom with Nick (Greetham). By the end of the movie, the two popular youngsters had changed their homophobic opinions about the outspokenly gay Emma.

The love between Logan and Nico continued in real life. Riley shared two pictures of her and Nico on Valentine’s Day with the caption, “Happy V-day from me and mine xx.”

Logan Riley and Nico Greetham

Later, the relationship ended, and Nico removed Riley’s pictures from his social media profiles. After the breakup, Logan left the posts up for a little while longer before removing the records of her connection with Nico.

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