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All about Jasleen, Akaash Singh’s wife

by Kiara

The most recent celebrity to become embroiled in the conflict with Joe Rogan is Akaash Singh. Joe Rogan can’t seem to do anything right at the moment: he was found guilty of racism and accused of promoting coronavirus theories. Singh recently discussed the marginalization of minority groups on Joe’s show.

Some people criticized Joe and Akaash for making light of a delicate subject on the podcast episode, which drew mixed reactions from listeners. The comedy of Akaash touches on a number of subjects, including marriage and, more lately, racism and family.

Singh has been married to Jasleen Singh for around six months now after dating her for six years.

Through her sister, who was acquainted with the comedian thanks to the Brilliant Idiots podcast, Jasleen learned about Akaash. At the 2015 Hoboken Comedy Festival in New York, Akaash spotted Jasleen and chased her.

In a tweet commemorating his fourth anniversary on October 4, 2019, Singh described how he met Jasleen. Akaash penned:

“Today, four years ago, I tracked this girl down after a comedy event since she appeared to be Indian and had that, which is unusual for our peoples. Today, in the future, she will become my wife. The lesson of the tale is to be open to street harassment.

In New York, Akaash picked a location for his proposal that was even more romantic than a comedy festival: the Empire State Building.

“Hey guys, meet my fiancée #TheFinerSinghs,” Akaash said on Facebook. Jasleen appeared overcome with emotion in photos of the proposal as the two made a significant step toward marriage.

Jasleen revealed her ring to excited fans, who were only too delighted to take pictures of the lovely event. She looked stunning in a white dress.

A few months after Akaash made his proposal, the globe was essentially shut down by the coronavirus. It frequently required the pair to postpone their wedding plans, much to Akaash’s chagrin.

He frequently proclaimed his desire to marry Jasleen in social media posts. In February of 2020, Akaash tweeted, “Happy Valentine’s Day Rani.” “Marry me now, please.”

But happily we have the rest of our life to make up for it, he wrote accompanying a video and many pictures of Jasleen a year later. Ideally, the following one too. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best hula hooper I have ever seen. Regards, Rani. Let’s get married as soon as possible.

When the couple was married in New Jersey in July 2021, Akaash finally fulfilled his goal. The couple’s Indian heritage was recognized at the traditional wedding.

According to some sources, the couple intended to preserve themselves until after marriage, but they didn’t wait.

It’s unclear what Akaash and Jasleen’s future holds, but he has expressed a desire to start a family. Jasleen ordered a painting in May 2021 depicting the couple’s maternal grandparents keeping an eye on them.

It was the nicest gift Akaash had ever given him, but things would change if they had children. The post’s caption read:

Shouts to Ink for killing this painting and to the future wife for giving me the best present I’ve ever received. Until I successfully conceive her.

Jasleen isn’t as forthcoming about her personal life as Akaash is. She has a personal Instagram account that only her closest friends and family can access.

She was born on August 16th, 1993, and was raised as a Sikh. Two days after she turned 26, Akaash popped the question to her.

On Jasleen’s birthday, Akaash frequently posts about her. In August 2020, Akaash disclosed that on Jasleen’s birthday, he made her ill:

“Happy birthday, my future dime-piece wifey. I appreciate you continually making me appear more well-known than I actually am. I apologize as well for making you sick on your birthday, but fortunately we have the rest of our lives to make things right. On the plus side, we now know that we are both Covid negative.

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